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Organizing Greater Philadelphia Since 1996; serving NJ,PA,DE.
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Glossary of Professional Organizer Services / Terms

NAPO-GPC members come from a diversity of backgrounds, which allow them to offer a comprehensive range of organizing services. In addition to some general terminology, the following list represents just some of the things our members can do:

AD/HD: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a condition resulting in symptoms of inability to maintain attention, impulsive behaviors and/or motor restlessness. (Source: Attention Deficit Disorder Association)

Author/Writer: Organizers who have either published books or possess the skills to write various types of materials.

Chronic Disorganization: A past history of disorganization in which self-help efforts to change have failed, an undermining of current quality of life due to disorganization, and the expectation of future disorganization. (Source: National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization)

Closet Design and Installation: Organizers who have the skill set to design and install closet systems.

Closet Organizing: Sorting through the contents of your closet to find the items that you wear the most, fit the best and enjoy provides time savings and pleasure on a daily basis. Professional Organizers provide this home organizing service to help you make the best choices and use the space you have available in the most efficient way.

Clutter Control: Managing your possessions and learning how to make choices about their importance is a very teachable skill that your professional organizer can assist with. Clutter control is very important in home organizing, personal organizing and office organizing.

Coaching–Life/Business: Organizers who provide strategies and guidance to achieve clients' personal and professional goals.

Collections/Memorabilia/Photographs: Organizers who specialize in organizing and proper storage of these types of items..

Computer/Technology Tools Training: Organizers who teach skills related to the use of both computers and other technological tools such as PDA’s, cell phones and digital cameras.

Concierge Services: Organizers who provide services which include running errands and personal shopping.

Corporate Organizing: Organizers who work in corporate settings.

Database Design: Organizers who use specialized software to create databases for clients.

Estate Organizing/Estate Sales: Organizers who aid clients in all aspects of Estate organizing from handling paperwork to managing estate sales.

Event/Meeting Planning: Organizers who plan and/or coordinate events and meetings.

Feng Shui Consultant: Organizers who studied the ancient art of placement of objects and space analysis, and integrated these methods into their work with clients to create harmonious and balanced environments.

Garage Organizing: Parking your car in the garage can be a wonderful thing on a snowy day. Personal organizers can help you sort the contents, clear the clutter and maximize the space you have available.

Garage System Design and Installation: Organizers who have the skill set to design and install garage systems.

General Office Organizing: Organizers who are proficient in organizing file systems, office space, work flow and in developing procedures.

Green Organizing: Organizers who practice an environmentally-friendly approach to professional organizing, emphasizing the principles of "Reduce—Reuse—Recycle." This approach may involve promoting recycled products, limiting the amount of unwanted items going to landfills, and educating clients about sustainable practices as they relate to organizing in both the home and office.

Home Office Furniture Configuration: Organizers who are skilled in space planning for optimizing office efficiency.

Home Staging: Organizers who prepare homes for sale to sell quickly and for top dollar.

Home-based Business Organizing: Organizers who are proficient in coordinating the various aspects of office management for those operating their own business or working for others in their homes.

Interior Design: Organizers trained or knowledgeable about interior design.

Libraries/Reference Materials: Organizers skilled in the management and organization of libraries and reference materials.

Living Spaces: Organizers skilled in the organizing of family spaces such as playrooms, living rooms, and family rooms.

Moving and Relocation Services: Organizers proficient in aiding in the process of moving and relocation, including move coordination, packing and unpacking.

National Availability: Organizers who are able to travel throughout the country to provide organizing services.

Organizing Products: Organizers who manufacture or sell products related to the organizing industry.

Paper Management: Organizers proficient in the development of systems that manage mail and other paper flow.

Personal Organizer: A term used interchangeably with Professional Organizer, Professional Home Organizer, Business Organizer, Office Organizer, Professional Office Organizer or simply organizer.

Procedure Manuals: Organizers skilled in the development and writing of office procedures and job descriptions.

Project Management: Organizers skilled in developing processes to keep projects under control, on track, and on budget.

Public Speaking: Organizers who provide seminars, workshops, etc. to clients and/or the general public.

Kitchen Organizing: Providing services to help improve the efficiency and usability of a kitchen. Many clients choose to utilize professional organizing services to maximize the benefits of a kitchen renovation. Other times, clients find they can save thousands of dollars by hiring a professional organizer instead of doing a major kitchen renovation.

Records Management/Retention: Organizers knowledgeable about the proper methods of storing data, information, and records either onsite or at a remote location.

Residential Organizing: Organizers specializing in all areas of home organizing such as closets, kitchens, garages, children's rooms, family rooms, basements, etc.

Small Business Organizing: Organizers specializing in organizing all aspects of operating small businesses.

Software Consultant: Organizers who are proficient in the applications of various software products such as QuickBooks, ACT and Paper Tiger.

Space Planning: Organizers skilled in designing spaces for optimum efficiency or transforming spaces to support all client activities.

Storage Space System Design and Installation: Organizers who have the skill set to design and install storage for new or existing areas including store rooms, attics, basements, garages, etc.

Time Management/Goal Setting: Organizers who help clients set priorities and optimize their time and schedules.

Training Seminars: Organizers who offer training seminars in various organizing related topics such as time management, goal setting and organizing techniques.

Wardrobe Consulting: Organizers who are skilled at assisting clients with their wardrobe by coordinating, filling in and/or paring down.

Whole Home Organizing: Organizers proficient at coordinating all aspects of an entire home organizing project, from the assessment phase and planning, through the implementation.

Work Flow Systems: Organizers skilled in the development of systems to maximize work productivity.

No matter what your needs, you'll be able to find an organizer to help you!

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