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Organizing Greater Philadelphia Since 1996; serving NJ,PA,DE.
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Do you have the technical skills?
Successful professional organizers have excellent listening skills and understand their client’s goals, personality and lifestyle. They possess the ability to implement systems that work well for each client. Organizers also have good project management, planning and goal setting skills.

Are you a good teacher?
Professional organizers are good teachers. Possessing skills to transfer knowledge to clients is critical. Teaching organizational skills empowers the client to maintain the system and feel positive about the organizer and the experience.

Do you have good people skills?
To conduct successful projects, clients must make a connection with the organizer. Clients rely on the organizer to guide them through emotional and difficult situations. Empathy, trust and honesty are just a few important characteristics that contribute to a loyal client base.

Do you have the business skills?
Do you have accounting, sales and marketing, financial and management skills in addition to your organizing expertise? Consider hiring or exchanging services with a bookkeeper, lawyer, marketing professional or other service provider who may need your organizing services. Good business practices result in longevity, productivity and ultimately, a healthy bottom line.

It takes money to make money:
Ensure you have the financial resources to establish a business. Start-up costs may include printing, equipment, legal fees, insurance, marketing, advertising, dues, and education.

Learning from other organizers:
One great way to get your feet wet is to partner with or subcontract for other organizers. More established organizers periodically need assistance. As a new organizer, you can help them and also learn a great deal about the process. Working with and/or for another organizer is also a great way to test various niches within the field of organizing and determine which ones are good choices for you.

Representing the industry in a positive and professional way is essential. Providing excellent customer service shows that the organizer values the client as well as the reputation of the organizing industry as a whole. NAPO, “The Organizing Authority,” requires that all members adhere to its Code of Ethics.

Writing a Business Plan:
Planning how you want to run your business is an important first step. A business plan can be created to turn your thoughts into action and create a roadmap for success. Your Small Business Administration, area college-extension services and night schools can be of assistance.

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