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Organizing Greater Philadelphia Since 1996; serving NJ,PA,DE.
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Benefits of Joining NAPO-GPC – ALLIED MEMBERS

An Allied Member is an individual who is employed by a government agency, postsecondary educational institution, nonprofit organization, for-profit entity, or is self-employed and is engaged as an organizing and/or productivity professional who does not offer services to the public.  An Allied Member shall not be in a business entity that is engaged in the manufacture, distribution, and/or sale of equipment and/or supplies or services that complement the organizing and/or productivity industry.  The benefits of the NAPO-GPC include:

Blog: The weekly chapter Blog covers an array of interesting topics related to the organizing profession.  Submissions to the Blog are reserved for members only and are a great opportunity for establishing credibility within and outside the chapter.

Credibility: As a member of NAPO and the Greater Philadelphia Chapter, you will increase your credibility as a professional organizer with your clients and colleagues. Membership and leadership in your professional association demonstrate to prospective clients that you care about your profession and are willing to participate in its development.

E-group Access: A members-only e-mail list with notification of potential client leads, events, and other resources is another benefit for our membership. Much information is retained at the e-group site including: referral lists of vendors and related service providers, meeting minutes, strategic planning goals, organizational charts and library listings.

Educational Programs: NAPO-GPC provides programs that are aimed at building both organizing and business development skills. Chapter programs are interactive, member-driven and facilitated in ways that add value and interest to your organizing business.

Directory: Our online membership directory is a quick and easy way to find personal and professional support. Perhaps you have a client referral, need a unique expert or are looking for a coach or mentor to help you learn a new skill; the directory is a great resource. The directory is available in the Members Only section of this website.

Get Organized Month: Our New Year's resolution is to help our communities Get Organized in January! During GO Month, NAPO professional organizers and productivity specialists help individuals, businesses and schools bring time management, organization, storage solutions and productivity into their lives, and start the New Year off on the right foot.

Leadership Opportunities: The Greater Philadelphia Chapter offers its members opportunities to be involved in volunteer leadership roles ranging from smaller committee positions to officer, director or committee chair. Share and develop your leadership skills as you shape and lead our industry, develop credibility and position yourself as an organizing expert.

Library: NAPO-GPC maintains an extensive lending library, free of charge, for members. Books, CDs, and recordings related to the organizing profession and general business are available. In addition, all NAPO conference session recordings and all books recommended for professional organizer certification are available in our library.

Monthly Chapter Meetings: Attend chapter meetings for professional development, education and networking. Many members say the greatest benefit is the personal interaction and opportunity to talk one-on-one with others working in the same field.

Networking: Getting to know other qualified organizers in your own geographical area can help you receive or give client referrals and provide you with professional resources.

Publicity: Chapter events receive publicity; we are stronger together.

Social Opportunities: Up to two meetings per year are replaced with members-only social events that provide an opportunity to spend time together in a more relaxed setting.

Website: Your company and contact information will be listed on the NAPO-Greater Philadelphia Chapter website, associating you with one of the finest professional organizing websites in the industry.

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